The thief was caught by bite the tongue to stop being bitten by the police

His fingers into the mouth of Wang to stop
(Reporter Ma Jianang correspondent Meng Yongxin) saw the suspects want to bite the tongue, he decisively put his fingers into the mouth of the suspect to stop. Recently, Lushi County Public Security Bureau auxiliary police Liu Yi to prevent the suspects from being disabled and wounded in the local widely circulated. A few days ago, Lushi County Public Security Bureau Criminal Investigation Brigade four squadron received a warning, a man hand bag stolen, which is equipped with an Apple 6S phone, 1200 yuan in cash, a gold Buddha jewelry and other items, the total value of 6,000 yuan. After the alarm, the squadron squadron leader Liu Guoqiang then led the police rushed to the scene. Through the Mo Pai investigation, quickly locked the suspect and may appear area, 10 o'clock that night, the police in the county Binhe Garden will be arrested Wang suspects. Upon trial, Wang confessed to the crime of stealing his handbag. However, the police will Wang transferred to the Lushi County Public Security Bureau handling case waiting room waiting for treatment, the sudden start with the first hit the wall, the police quickly stopped. Later, Wang claimed to "bite the tongue," and ready to bite the tongue. In the side of the auxiliary police Liu Yi eyes quickly, his fingers into the mouth of Wang to stop. After that, Liu Yi fingers were bitten. Originally, has always been honest part of the Wang because earn money, often by his wife and relatives and friends. That night, Wang in the county after the completion of the stroll to the square. He saw the square with a child to play any hand bag on the ground, they had the idea of ​​theft. After that, he took advantage of any time to concentrate on playing with the children, secretly hand bag away. Was arrested after the police, to hear their own behavior has violated the "Criminal Law", will face prison disaster, and then think of their own had to be friends and relatives, this time and dry "so shameful thing", resulting in self-mutilation , Fortunately, the eyes of the fast Liu Yi to stop. At present, Wang has been criminal detention, the case is being further investigation.

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