When the bus stops sliding out of the station to lead the conflict male passenger hit the driver after the apology

Called a bus driver of the 603 bus was beaten
Yesterday morning, there was a male passenger punched the bus driver. It turned out that the bus station when the taxi slowly walked for some distance, the male passenger due to chasing car dissatisfaction, to the female driver to mention the proposal, the female driver in response to the other side he felt "arrogant attitude", under the anger moved hand. Broke the bus driver was beaten to accept the police mediation Yesterday morning 7:52, a reader into the China Business News hotline, said the 603 bus a female driver was beaten, the current people still in the second street to accept the police mediation. China Daily News reporter rushed to the scene and found in the southeast corner of Weiyi Street, a double bus docked in the non-motor vehicle lane, the car without passengers, the bus after the bus driver, there is a dress neat, tall Men, the two debated the "hands hit the cause of", they are next to several police ... ... about the male passenger comments after the driver is not a good attitude Huagao Daily reporter learned that hit men surnamed Qin, 38 years old, was Hit the bus driver surnamed Yan, 43 years old. According to Mr. Qin said, 7:30 in the morning, he was in the Weixi Street 603 bus stop sign waiting for the bus, the bus station slip out of the station more than ten meters away. "If the back of the bus a lot, to the back of the tram place I can understand, but no back behind the car, she would have to glide, this is not a twice, 603 Road, always have this problem, I said the incident, said the parking stopped as far as possible by the platform to stop, or always want to drive the car ran so far ... ... "Then he heard the driver bad tone back a few words," I forgot when she specifically said , Probably means that 'I love to stop where is where you manage it? "Mr. Qin said the female driver was arrogant, his fire jumped up, and quarreled a few words, they went up to the female driver His face whipped his fists ... ... apology beat people repeatedly bowed that should not be so reckless in front of the Public Security Yanta Branch Xiaozhai Road police station and 603 bus fleet led the face, Mr. Qin repeatedly bowed to the female driver Apology, said should not be so reckless, as a man should not hit her ... ... Mr. Qin admitted that, in addition to whirling the female driver fists, but also pulled the driver's hair hit a punch. Miss Yan said the driver, the whole process she did not fight back. Ms. Yan clawed slightly swollen mouth, said when the stop stop, consider more for the back of the bus to give some places, "We have provided that the first stop of the bus to stay for the back Some places, after all, from time to time is the need for time, then there is no bus behind the bus, but does not mean that there will be no other passengers on the bus stop, taxi only a few meters, not the passengers that the taxi is Playing him, I explained to him when it is heavier than usual tone, the sound is higher, he is not happy ... ... "wronged" pulled a car full, no one to persuade Lajia "after the incident, Ms. Yan Hope the passengers help the police. "I pulled a car full of people, but no one to help me with the police, said 'waiting to work it, forget it, and quickly drive', a baby passenger said, 'You see you, all put My baby frightened ... ... "Ms. Yan choked sobbing," the man hit me when I did not reach out to pull a person, then we fleet another car passing by, and quickly stopped, came to help report the police ... ... " 603 Road bus team captain Cai said that Ms. Yan in the bus system for more than 20 years, the car was well, the service has been good, the car out of the bus station a little distance, but also to the rear tram place, "hot days People are big anger, hope to understand each other. Mr. Qin said that this thing would soon be able to resolve, do not want the female driver's husband came, "came to ask 'who hit my wife', I said to me, the other side up to my privacy site kicked a Feet, I hit the wife of his family, it will not fight back ... ... "Ms. Yan's husband said:" My wife I are not willing to move a finger, let him play today, do not hit the white ... ... " To this end, in addition to apologize, Ms. Yan side of the compensation, but Mr. Qin that he was beaten, refused to compensate. The two sides stalemate. The police mediation, 3 pm yesterday, Mr. Qin symbolically to Ms. Yan 200 yuan compensation. China Merchants News reporter Miao Qiaoying

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